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"Premune has identified a bacterial protein that has demonstrated preventive properties against allergies"


Today allergies are among the most common chronic diseases and have increased steadily since 1980. Premune has identified a bacterial protein that has demonstrated preventive properties against allergies. This protein has been developed along two separate tracks: human and vetrinary. Premune focuses exclusively on the veterinary segment and Swecure, who spun off from Premune in 2013, focuses on the human segment.

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Allergies are one of the most prevalent and fastest-growing afflictions dogs face. In the last 7 years allergy diagnoses have increased by 90% (Agria) and are today estimated to be the cause of 20-25% of all veterinary visits. The most common allergies in dogs are allergic eczema and food allergies, both of which being life-long disease that lower the dog's quality of life and require lifelong treatment. Today there is no cure or preventative treatment for allergies; current treatments are primarily designed to relieve the symptoms of allergic reactions.


Based on 15 years of study, in which the company's research team followed more than 300 infants from Sweden, Italy and the UK, Premune has identified a bacterial protein that provides strong immunoactivation. In a mouse model of allergic asthma the protein’s allergy prevention properties have been confirmed. Today, in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Premune is conducting studies in dogs. The company plans on the final product being administered orally a few weeks after birth in order to naturally activate important tolerance mechanisms to prevent future allergy development.

Business Model

Premune is working on the development of veterinary products in collaboration with established partners such as Agria Pet Insurance, the Swedish Kennel Club and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Today Premune is in negotiation with several global veterinary drug firms to establish distribution contracts. Premune has the exclusive right to exploit the patent within veterinary medicine.


In many countries today more puppies are born than babies. Looking at the major markets of Europe, the United States and Japan, more than 12 million puppies are born each year. Approximately 10-15 percent of all dogs, regardless of breed, develop allergies. Among high-risk breeds the prevalence may exceed 30%. Six of the ten most popular dog breeds in the United States, including Labradors and German Shepherds, are regarded as high-risk breeds for allergies. Based on a price of USD 300 per treatment, the dog market alone is roughly 36 billion annually. 





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